Let's find the best internship of the year

Dania celebrates the good internship with the contest Internship of the Year!

Every year 700 Dania-students is in an internship, and this means that there are a large number of companies that make a great effort to internship is a good professional and personal experience. We are celebrating this with the contest Internship of the Year, where the prize goes to an internship that has been particularly good.

During your internship you have the opportunity to turn your academic knowledge into value for the company. With the Internship of the Year Dania wishes to focus on and reward the good examples of internships – Danish as well as internationals.

The winner moving on to a national competition with Denmark's eight other Universities of Applied Sciences May 16 in Copenhagen. See the video from last years finale here

Want to see the finale of this years Dania-contest?

Mark your calendar on 4th of May 9-12am at Minervavej 63 in Randers!


Important dates to remember

 3 March 2017

 Nomination begins 

 19 March 2017

 Last run for nomination 

 23 March 2017

 A jury from Dania finds the  finalists 

 March - April

 Announcemt of the  finalists 

 4 May 2017 9.15 - 12

 The winner will be found at the big Dania-finale in Randers


 4 May 2017

 Announcement of the winner  

 16 May 2017

 National competition of all  Business Academies in Denmark  takes place