“I go wherever the wind blows”

Chris Hoffmann Laurberg Enevoldsen worked as a church singer at the local church in Horsens, Vor Frelsers Kirke, for 11 years up until last August 1 when he moved to Barcelona to do his internship with Home on Earth. He also put on hold his project on producing and selling jewellery to undertake this Spanish experience.

The AP student in Commerce Management, specializing in E-Business at Dania in Horsens is working with marketing at Home on Earth. “My responsibilities include: online marketing, newsletter creating, blog article writing, community management (and customer relationship management), launching new products and administration of online orders. Right now, I am preparing our Etsy shop for launch”, says the student born and raised in Horsens.

The 20-year-old student chose to do his internship abroad because he is a very adventurous person by nature and is passionate about travelling. “I picked Spain because I love the Spanish culture and I wanted to experience the Catalan culture as well. I am quite young and I do not yet have many obligations. Now is a good time to exploit that”, he tells.

Chris boasts of speaking and understanding many different languages, however, the principal barrier until now has been the language. “My biggest shock has been my inability to understand Spanish and Catalan. I presumed that at least my intermediate Italian skills would help me. Fortunately, I will soon be taking Spanish language classes”.

Keeping the doors open

Chris is so in love with this new country that if the opportunity arises he will definitely come back in the future. “I go wherever the wind blows and keep my doors open; however, someone very special to me is coaxing me to move elsewhere. I do not want to focus too much on one thing and thereby narrow down my opportunities. After I get my AP Degree in Commerce Management, I would like either to continue studying or to start working. I will also re-launch my, at the moment only conceptual, company on www.rosenred.com”.   


Chris has always aimed at becoming self-employed: “I am very interested in retail. I gravitate towards doing creative things, as my creativity is vivid and a very important part of me, so when I discovered that Dania offers an education involving both commerce and event management, I was ecstatic. The same year I enrolled, Dania started the E-business line, and I decided the knowledge I would attain in this field was more beneficial for me”.

According to Chris, the amount of personal gain you get from experiences like this is invaluable, and working with other cultures is an excellent way to improve your knowledge. “You learn a lot when you find yourself in a country where you literally don’t know anyone. In my personal journey, I had trouble with accommodation when I got here; the room I had rented was not available for me the first three days. It was getting dark and I had to quickly find somewhere to spend the night. I visited the person who would be my roomie for the next month and lent his wifi. I had 20 minutes before he needed to go to work and, luckily, I found a room at a hotel on La Rambla for the night. I was luckily able to book the same room for two more days so I did not have to move to a new destination every day. I finally decided that if I could make it through this I could make it through anything”


As many other Dania students going abroad, Chris has applied to the Academy for and been granted financial support from the EU program Erasmus+ 

Chris's semester abroad at Dania in Denmark was supported financially by the European program Erasmus+. An important aim of Erasmus+ is to enable as many young Europeans as possible to take a semester or do their internship abroad.

To learn more about the programme visit the Info meeting on Wednesday 25th February at 7 PM at Prinsens Allé 2 in Viborg, Denmark. Read more at /en/exchange.aspx#1