Q&A with Sales Manager & Meeting Designer, Brian Pedersen, MCH Messecenter Herning

During a study trip in Herning, the BA students from the International Hospitality and Tourism Management programme at Dania in Randers had the chance to attend a conference with Brian Pedersen. During the session, the participants exchanged questions and valuable answers that are meant to offer student real insight from the business world.
Alexandra Mareci

Brian Pedersen is the Sales Manager & Meeting Designer, of MCH Messecenter Herning. With 17 years of experience in hotel, catering and service industry and an AP Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Brian Pedersen is the perfect spokesperson any Hospitality and Tourism student would want to get advice from. The participants had a wide range of curiosities regarding this field of activity while the candid replies and advice represented a great surprise.

‘’Get yourselves some goals’’

Highly fascinated about his work, Brian Pedersen talked about his background, described what his job implies and offered strong advice. ‘’I have 17 years of raw experience in this industry. I started as a chef trainee and worked some years as a chef and head chef at different restaurants. Afterwards I took an AP degree in Hospitality and Tourism, I pursued an internship in Aarhus at Scandic Hotel and afterwards I started with a front desk job at Hotel Opus in Horsens. It was not exactly what I wanted from my career so I decided to think things through and see what I really want. I learned that it is not all about getting your way from the first year. Sometimes it can take two, three maybe even five years to get where you want to be. So get yourselves some goals, find out what you like and find the right way of getting there’’, explains Brian Pedersen.


‘’Be the best at what you do’’

A career-driven individual, Brian opened up about his job prospects. ‘’I have always dreamed of having my own hotel. I always thrive to evolve, to develop ideas and concepts. I love how it feels to see things grow. It is important to want to be the best at what to do. As far as future counts, I do not know where I will be a few years from now. As long as I will still love what I do, everything will be fine. This is my generic career plan’’, tells Brian Pedersen.

Moreover, Brian talked about what he likes more about his job. ‘’Two days are never the same in my job and I love it. Every new day brings a new challenge and it is exciting. I always have to travel a lot to meet customers, but that is fine because networking is one of the most important pillars of this business. I like to see eye to eye with clients. Being the best also means attracting the biggest names to our events and conferences and I am doing my best to accomplish that’’, says Brian.

Advice for the future interns

The attendees also asked for information and advice for their upcoming internships. The International Tourism and Management students managed to learn about Brian Pedersen’s educational background and internship and received valuable advice for their future careers. ‘’I learned a lot from my AP degree studies. I still use many theories and models when I am looking to bring new customers for example. I always have the theories in the back of my head. For the internship, all I can say is that you should tell the company what you want to do and most importantly, what you do not want to do. It is a prerequisite. So get yourselves some real goals and never let anything stop you from getting there’’, says Brian Pedersen.