“I hope to end up having the time of my life”

Her passion for travel, and a wish to improve her English skills and CV, led the AP student, Stine Sigh, to do her eight months’ internship abroad.

The AP student in Commerce Management at Dania in Horsens, Stine Sigh, is working in the marketing department at the Hill End Outdoor Education Centre in Oxford, England. “I also do everything, from designing an outdoor fitness challenge path to creating events that can get more customers to the sight”, explains the young student, who is studying the event management specialization at Dania.


She feels satisfied after the short time she has been in her internship in Oxford. “At the office I am not an intern, but a part of the staff – I have the same role as everybody else and my opinion is taken into account. I think the internship gives me a lot of learning that I can use further on in my work life. I like the tasks and projects I am working with. I have good colleagues”, tells the 23-year-old student.


Being abroad is a good opportunity to meet new people, even more when you have a hobby like Stine, who loves to play rugby. To improve her skills in that sport was another motivation to travel to England. “I’m used to having a busy life, which is now not so busy. However, I am already doing well, since I play rugby and have a social life through my teammates. In general, sport is a good way to meet new people and get new friends”.


Stine Sigh1

Stine has also adapted very well to the new culture, except for the food: “Englishmen eat a lot more unhealthy food than we do in Denmark. White bread, chips and biscuits are a part of the everyday lunch and they serve fries with everything. I guess it shocked me a bit, and I guess my colleagues where shocked about my healthy lunch box, too – and still are, because they are always commenting on it and about how healthy it is”.


Stine is looking forward with great optimism to the remaining time of her stay and she recommends others to do their internship abroad: “It is a good to get away from home and stand on your own feet. You learn to explore your personality and to meet new people. It is hard in the beginning and it takes time, but in the end, it is all good for your personality and I hope to end up having the time of my life”, Stine concludes.