Mission and Vision

Our Mission

It is the mission of Dania to develop and offer Academy Profession Degree Programmes, both as full-time and as part-time educations, of the highest quality regionally, nationally and internationally in close cooperation with the business world. We educate the most demanded AP graduates within our field of expertise and through our strong links to the business world; our graduates are educated and ready to immediately enter into a job function. Our students have qualifications that are relevant and applicable to the business world, as these skills are continually developed in close cooperation with our business partners. Within our field of expertise, we continually cooperate with research-based educational institutes nationally and internationally with the purpose of collecting, processing and communicating new knowledge both academically and pedagogically.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Dania to be an innovative, quality-conscious and well-functioning academy with high academic standards and involved lecturers. Business Academy Dania is known for being an institution with room for differences and where innovation and entrepreneurship is the focal point in class, in which students and lecturers interact and cooperate with the business world. We have eight campuses, located in Grenaa, Hadsten, Hobro, Horsens, Randers, Silkeborg, Skive, and Viborg, in the heart of Jutland. It is our vision to promote ourselves as a regionally responsible academy that accommodates the educational needs, with a focus on AP Degree Programmes. Also, we accommodate specific regional needs, which ensure a flexible relationship with professional bachelor’s degrees and relevant further education.